Quality plasturgist since 1952

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EXPERIENCE Created in 1952 by Messrs HELLER and BERSINGER in Colmar, Hebeco Plastic provides manufacturers with all its technical know-how and energy for the production, with the utmost care, of their injected thermoplastic parts and sub-assemblies.

CONSULTANCY From studies to the customised delivery of all sizes, including the manufacture of moulds and prototypes, we support our clients in all their projects involving moulded parts.
QUALITY Our productions meet quality requirements and respect the environmental commitments inherent to each of our clients' business areas.

PRESENT DAY Thanks to continuous growth for over 60 years, we supply a large number of manufacturers worldwide as we are known for being a quality plasturgist since 1952. From the idea to the realisation, there is no problem we can't help you solve !

Hebeco Plastic is located in Colmar, France and in Shanghai, China

Hebeco Plastic is a modestly-sized company and its experienced, responsive and dynamic team guarantee quality and punctuality.

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Adresse 15, rue des Jardins
F- 68000 Colmar
Tel. : 33(0)3 89 41 45 53
Fax : 33(0)3 89 23 69 46


iso 9001
HEBECO PLASTIC certifié ISO 9001

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